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This blogging thing???

on August 2, 2006

Seth really thinks I should blog. But honestly I wonder what value ANYTHING I have to say has……
I have learned in sewing to keep trying.. I have mastered the ART of seam ripping. Sometimes I feel like “Why have I chosen a hobby that doesn’t come naturally to me?” I do enjoy wearing what I create. When I am honest with myself I realize….. I have never been instantly good at any craft/or thing, for that matter. Well, maybe running at age 8…but that was LONG ago and seems like a different lifetime.

I have always wanted to BE really GOOD at something. For now it is that I’m really good at seam ripping….:sigh: Not a “poor me”… but I would like to wake up one morning and have instant talent. Create these amazing designs for E-Bay. (These sewing women I so admire. Their creativity just seems so amazing.)I wonder where it comes from. Is it something I lack or is it something untapped in me????? I dunno I want to WOW the world with my sewing talent. Or at least wow my husband with it.

This blog is not for the sewing over achievers 😉 This is for those of us.. Who love to sew and create. Have a love and frustration with the incredible hobby of sewing. Who desire to continue to grow in the hobby. Even if I don’t ever sell a dress on Ebay for 300.00 🙂



One response to “This blogging thing???

  1. ME says:

    I have enjoyed reading your words. :o)

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