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Today’s seam ripper of choice..

on August 3, 2006

Pliers and a screwdriver. I was so proud today. I made a wrap skirt KS 2791. No seam ripping required until….

I decided to put a snap on instead of the button and button hole. Very clever right! Except I put one of the snaps on facing the wrong way. I tried to pry it off with just the pliers but it was on tight. I can thank my friend Shecki for teaching me to securely attach snaps.

I was going to give up and ask Seth to help. But I said “no way I will beat this thing!” Ta Da I wedged in the screwdriver and POP off went the snap.. Good thing I wear glasses is all I can say.

I also made a matching headband…Back to my old ways with 4 attempts at seam ripping.. A simple @%$#%$#^% headband. Honestly I couldn’t understand what the instructions meant for me to do. Finally I looked at the pictures and figured it out. AFTER I just improvised and made it my way. Next time I will try it the confusing way. 😉

So, today was a 5 seam ripper day


One response to “Today’s seam ripper of choice..

  1. R Jones says:


    I making tights for larger children. I noticed your cotton/lycra fabrics and your other knits– I’m not sure what type I need for my project. I don’t want the fabric to be too heavy.

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