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A Day at Fairytale Town

on August 6, 2006

I had a wonderful day with my longtime friend, Paige. How is it that I can now say.. “Geee, we have been friends almost 20 years. ” How does that happen? Weren’t we just 20? Life luckily hands you a few precious friends. Ones where a year or 2 may pass and you don’t see each other or talk. But, when you do, you pick up like it was only yesterday you were together for lunch. love and appreciate my dear friend Paige.

We had a fun time with my daughter Eliana and her 3 kids. We went to Fairytale Town and the Sac Zoo. I didn’t take many pics. Too busy trying to catch up on the last year AND watch 4 kids. I said to Paige, “I don’t know how you do it? Chasing 3 kids 6 and under” She laughed and said, “The same way you did when your kids were 6 and under!” I guess so. It was just so much work. It was one of the occasional times I was grateful for teens 😉

Eliana is wearing a dress I had last year. The buttons are on the straps because I cut the straps the wrong way and had to cut them and make them A LOT shorter. They just keep stretching and stretching. I think that was easily a “3 seam ripper” dress 😛

Today…Go call a longtime friend. Take the time to catch up or say, “Hi.” DON’T wait until you have time. I promise you will be glad you did.


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