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I have a problem

on August 15, 2006

I am cleaning out my attic with all my *stashed* hidden fabric. I knew there was A LOT of fabric up there..But really I shocked myself. I have a lot of fabric already here in my office studio.. But to think how much I had stashed in addition over the last year is astounding.

It simply started by putting some bulky fleece up there. Then the next week I put up there the other fabric I bought that I couldn’t fit on the shelves. On so on and so on….

I need Flylady to come to my fabric room. I have a lot of dreams and self worth attached to the fabric.. Not in the way of, “Aren’t I cool I have a large stash and expensive fabric”… But in the way of: It has made me feel valuable or worthy for a moment. Instead of talent being manifested in my creations. It is in my head, when I buy the fabric. For a moment I let myself believe they are one in the same y/k?

I think… When I buy fabric I feel like I have talent, somehow. When I buy it… It can fill that void in me… Of, I am talented! When I think/dream about what I could create, I get that ‘fix’…For a short moment. I am talented. :sigh: then I don’t sew it up and I have to buy more fabric to feed the need.

Maybe I should take time, slow down. Become a better seamstress. Create something to remind myself I am talented and I am creative.

This is nothing profound, but I need to deal with ME. I have talent somehow. God promises that each person has some talent. I need to find mine without stuffing it full of stuff..Fabric, food…..Internet…

The good news.. I have a HUGE box of fabric FS and another HUGE box to donate to Legacy.
“Fling, baby, Fling”

27, maybe 17, okay 7 pieces of fabric a day until I have a manageable stash!


3 responses to “I have a problem

  1. Renee says:

    (((Suz))) I can really identify with this. I’m in the middle of moving my sewing room around, and all this stuff I’ve stashed is rather disgusting/disturbing to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can totally relate to this, too. I’m not a stasher of other things, but I am a stasher of craft supplies. Like, they are a security blanket. I, too, am trying to de-stash. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Laurie says:

    You’re not alone. Truthfully I am impressed at your honesty. On reflection, I think we should all be happy that we have creative thoughts. (Not all people do.) This powers invention and helps us adapt. However, one cannot possibly follow through with all ideas. This is O.K. What’s not O.K. is the desire for “more”, more fabric, more stuff, more whatever. This is a real trap–because feeling like we need more stuff doesn’t make anyone happy. My conclusion is that we need to find joy in the journey. Laurie

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