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Boutique Style

on August 24, 2006

I really wanted to sew up something E-Bay style. Just to prove that I could. You know when you seam rip a lot your confidence gets brought down. I needed an “I can do it!” project.

The skirt is a Redondo Skirt pattern, by :Studio Tantrum. Nice pattern. Sews up a cute twirly skirt. I didn’t add in the seam allowances:sigh: so I had to re- draft the waistband. (Make it a bit longer to fit.) But it sounds so cool and professional to say I re drafted the piece. Also the instructions for the waistband confused me…So I had to seam rip the waistband 4 times:sigh: and a :duh:

The top is a peasant top pattern from my friend Allison at
I love her style of peasant top. The neckline is squared off…Nice. I do think this might have looked better with a plain tee.

The embroidery is from Excellent designs every time. Eliana picked the donkey. I think I would have chosen something else, but I don’t have to wear this.

Just wanted to share my “Goal for August project”

this studioTANTRUM was a 4 seam ripper project


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