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My Visit with Heather Ross

on September 2, 2006

What can I say I had a great time. I was a bit nervous leading up to the visit. More nervous about doing the vod-cast video, than chillin’ with Heather. I have met Heather twice before. As my DH would say, “Heather is real people!”

She is relaxed and feels like an old childhood friend. When I wrote that I realized how similar her presence is to her fabric….. Familiar in a simplistic yet long ago way.

She arrived after a LONG day of moving her things and driving a BIG U-Haul. Luckily for me in that U-Haul was loaded with lots of wonderful Munki Munki I have to share???? Can’t I hoard it all? She also brought a Juki Industrial sewing machine, that I bought from her. YIPPEE. I can wait to give her a run on my next quilt. I even had her autograph it. I figured that way, I can sell it on Ebay and double my $. Just Kiddin

We had some yummy Organic Thai Food. If you live in Sonoma County, try Thai Hut Valley in Cotati. Super Yummy. My friend Kori came over and we all had a wonderful time visiting and eating. Seth, my husband, even treated us to his Tim Gunn impersonation.

We walked out to my office/sewing room. Measured out and drooled over the last pieces of Munki Munki.(Thanks Kori)(What did I get,…You’ll just have to wait and see)

I feel both excited and a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of selling the final pieces. Sometimes my *overwhelmed* feeling stops me from getting much done. I do hope to get the final pieces listed in a week or so.
I have the first week of homeschooling and my dd’s 15th birthday this week. Darn life…It might get in the way of fabric?!?!?!

WE finally settled down to video an interview. Seth hopes to have a vod-cast that can be streamed/downloaded from our site. It was a fairly long interview, so I imagine it may be done in chunks. I dunno, Seth is the Tech. Support around here.

I was nervous about doing the video, but it was fun! I learned a lot from Heather. It was neat to hear where she finds her inspirations, and also just to get the update on her exciting life changes…a wedding engagement πŸ™‚ With a very nice ring to boot. I just hope I don’t look stupid y/k???

I hope to have some sneak peek pics of her additions to the Lightning Bugs Line soon πŸ™‚ I have seen them… They are darling! The buses are so fun. I know some former hippies who need a quilt or camp shirt from them. I think they are right in ‘groove’ with the line.

After finishing our video and giving big goodbye hugs to Kori. Seth , Heather & I climbed up on the cutting table and watched an episode of Project Runway together!!!! How cool is that. Watching PR with Heather Ross. (BTW I really can’t stand Jeffrey @&*^&&*(*&(*&R$%%$#*()Finally all of us going to bed around 3:30AM.

I woke up this morning and shared a nice cup of coffee with Heather. Seth, Heather and I wandered out and looked at our crazy chickens, and showed off our cute goats.

She loaded up in her U-haul a little after 9 AM.

Today I am tired, but what a great opportunity. I’m grateful that my business has more Munki and that I got to learn more about Heather. All in all, I’m a lucky girl


5 responses to “My Visit with Heather Ross

  1. Renee says:

    Also, Lydia wants to see a better pic of the goats. LOL. πŸ˜‰

  2. Renee says:

    Oh gosh, Suz, that sounds like so much fun!!! I don’t know the backstory; is Heather moving near you?Can’t wait to see the new fabrics!

  3. Sewzannes says:

    HI ReneeNope she’s moving closer to you. NY City! She’s hittin’ the BIG timeI’ll take some pics of the goats for Lydia..

  4. Nutmeg says:

    HURRAY! Who did SHE think should win? Sounds like you had a great time. Wish I coulda been there too. Mostly for the fabric but Seth’s impression of Tim Gunn runs a tight second.Glad it all went so well!πŸ˜€Meg

  5. That sounds like so much fun Suz! Val

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