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Eliana and homework

on September 27, 2006

5 responses to “Eliana and homework

  1. Renee says:

    Oh my gosh, Suz, that kid is just too cute! ❤

  2. She is just too adorable! Smart little cookie too… sigh. Thanks for the chuckle… so cute!Val

  3. Sewzannes says:

    Thanks to you both for taking the time to check out my BLOG and post:heart:

  4. She is so cute. I have a three year old. I can’t wait to see my daughter at Eliana’s age.

  5. stern11e says:

    Oh Sewzanne,Eliana is that cute, she just put a really big smile on my face!I watched your sons video, too. These guys really know how to have fun 🙂I guess I won`t get rid that smile for the next two hours – thank you and your great children for brightening my day!Carina

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