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Seam Ripper For MY Mouth

on October 1, 2006

Oh My..
Ever need to un-do something stupid or hurtful you said??? Oh boy do I wish there was some cool seam ripper for my mouth to undo stupid comments. You know..Whoops I sewed/said that wrong. Let me just whip out my handy dandy seam ripper and re-do this.

I realized last night I had said something.(without thinking) Complementing another seamstress friend of mine.. But unknowingly totally slammed my other very talented friend and her sewing… Um where is the hammer knocking you on the head icon around here???? Boy do I feel bad..

Now when I think about WHAT I said.. It’s like DUH>>> of course that is sorta mean..Why would you ever say something stupid like that.

Now I know what your thinking??? Okay fess up what did you say.. But really I can’t say it again. See the mouth seam ripper sorta works..It may keep me from repeating the bad spoken seam again. It hurts to much to undo.

Tangent begins here ***I know for me.. I really don’t strive for perfection in sewing, well really not in life either. AS I’ve grown up (a little) I have begun to accept me and my limitations and strengths. I realize no one person is perfect. Well one but He’s not sewing as far as I know ;)But I am having this cool vision/dream of sewing with Jesus.

I set my goal for REALLY GOOD in sewing and try to celebrate sewing without the stress of trying to be perfect. I want to have fun sewing and challenge me, not compete with other seamstresses or their talent. Sorry tangent over…

Honestly continuing tangent… I have so many friends who’s sewing talent BLOWS my mind. Some can crank out 100’s of outfits all well sewn, others can add the amazing detail that always has the right touch, some can draft a pattern from thin air. Others have that inner knack of style that every time I see what they make I think..”She has such great style” Or the boutique sewers who push the envelope and create such playful fun creations.

I have to fight my nature that wants to be jealous and feel all green with envy.. The only way I can do this, is to go ahead and celebrate their talent and push myself to try new things in sewing. I don’t say.. “I could never do that.” I try each month to take on something new and push forward.. This month was European Patterns… Oh My, I’m addicted, but that’s another post.

Life is a learning curve. I have to keep learning and growing and whip out the handy dandy mouth seam ripper*** It’s called an amends**

Today’s lesson….Think before you speak or sew. Both may cause you to seam rip. I promise the mouth one is harder to un do.



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