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on October 3, 2006

Uggh, Why do I struggle so much with spelling??? I will look over something I have written 5 times and still not see my errors. I *know* how something should be spelled. If I write it, I won’t use the wrong word.. Like here instead or hear…But for some weird reason, if I type it..I leave out words or add words or letters.. Really strange.

I would like to wake up tomorrow and be a good speller. I feel stupid, that it is such a challenge for me. I am forever grateful for spell check.

an aside.. I feel really sad and tired. I feel so strung out or I told someone “I feel like a fried egg!” I have been under too much stress for me. I DON’T do stress well. My spelling error tonight has me feeling stupid and in tears. In the life scheme, it’s nothing to stress about or even cry about. But I think I need a day of prayer and sleep. I long for a quiet moment with God. I need His sweet refreshing. I want to bask in His comfort and let His strength carry me. I have not taken some real time to pray for a while and I feel it’s effects on my heart and life.

Spell Check…seam ripper for bad spellers.


3 responses to “Spelling

  1. Katie says:

    (((suz))I can’t say it enough how much I love ya! I for one would like to add a ‘pause button’ to my life. Spell check and pause button. ….maybe rewind and fastforward…. (naw, thats a bit greedy, lol. ) Found this the other day about spell check that I thought you would get a chuckle out of. It was completely correct by the spell checker in word… <>Eye halve a spelling chequerIt came with my pea seaIt plainly marques four my revueMiss steaks eye kin knot sea.Eye strike a key and type a wordAnd weight four it two sayWeather eye am wrong oar writeI shows me strait a weigh.As soon as a mist ache is maidIt nose bee fore two longAnd eye can put the error riteIts rare lea ever wrong.Eye have run this poem threw itI am shore your pleased two noIts letter perfect all the weighMy chequer tolled me sew. <> (((many more hugs)))

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