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When you think to yourself ……

on October 15, 2006

…. as you’re reading a pattern, “they must mean for me to do this …” You are bound to be seam ripping in your future! At least that’s my experience. I should know by now that when I’m thinking that phrase, “This must be what they mean” .. Those are dangerous words!

I sewed this dress to completion, only to realize that I had done the first two steps wrong! …Resulting in seam ripping all the way back to the original pieces! :sigh: That’s a lot of seam ripping.

But I love the fabric and I had to save it!

The dress turned out ok… It just feels like I made two of them, though. This is the Farbenmix Anna Wrap Dress.



3 responses to “When you think to yourself ……

  1. Nähmaus says:

    Hello,I really enjoy your nice webblog…and also the stuff you have sewn for your daughter… I was just wondering how you found Farbenmix patterns in the States? *smile*But I would love to see the States again… I have been there from 92 – 94 and in 2000… still miss it sometimes…Have still a wonderful time with your family and children…Warm regardsAndrea

  2. Nähmaus says:

    Ok… every question about the pattern back… *smile*I just checked your wonderful shop…it is really an inspiration and a feeling… ohhhh… *I want this stuff*warm regardsAndrea

  3. Sewzannes says:

    Thank you Andrea for the nice words 🙂The Anna ties in the front and in the back. thanks again, seeing your comments made me smile.Suzanne

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