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Notable Children

on January 16, 2007

Once a year my kids Charter School has a *Night of the Notables* The kids are each asked to choose a notable a person from History (either notable for good or bad) They are to dress up and act as if they are that person. They are also asked to create a display board about the person. The older kids, Jr. High and High School are also asked to write a paper.

This year my son Landon was “Billy Yank” A term used to describe the common soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War.

My daughter Gabriella was the painter Frida Kahlo

My oldest son Kyle was Abe Lincoln

It is a wonderful event. One of my favorite events of the year. I really enjoy asking the kids questions about their characters. I can tell the ones who just did the report and really don’t understand their person, an those who really tried to understand who the person was.. The kids have tons of fun dressing up and acting too.

The school music class also gets to rock out. It was fun this year seeing Abe Lincoln play the base and drums and Frida Kahlo belting out the tunes.

Thanks for letting me share the fun


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