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Bad *Feng Shui* in my sewing room

on January 21, 2007

Well I don’t even know what feng shui really is.. I just know something is NOT working well in my sewing room. I had so many mess ups yesterday, I about swore off sewing all together!!! Grumble Grumble

After a month of not sewing, I was ready to get behind the machine again. Let’s say 2007 is off to an interesting start 😉

First off, I bought a back up serger, the Viking Huskylock 910. I was so excited about it… so far I have been less than pleased. It serges WAY too slowly… I thought, “Oh well, I will set up it for rolled hems. ” I have seen rolled hems on Huskylock’s and they have been beautiful… On my Babylock Imagine they have A LOT to be desired, truthfully they STINK badly! After and HOUR trying to figure out how to thread the thing, I ended up with less-than-good rolled hems. Better than my Imagine, but not by much. I think I will be searching out a rolled hem tutorial, as It may be operator error :snort:

I moved on to appliquéing with my embroidery machine, only to have trouble. The stabilizer ripped off the back while the machine was stitching, the n the t-shirt fabric bunched up and stitched in the wrong place. Of course it was impossible to rip the stitches without tearing the fabric.

Okay, “buy new design…. Have to find blank disks to download data.” That is like finding a needle in a haystack. I forgot I had to only download designs and kept trying to download all the instructions on to the disk :duh: Then accidentally downloaded the wrong size file. “Wipe disk clean and start again.”… I finally get ready to try again.

…I Cut out the VERY last piece of the red knit for the top. …..and guess what??? Yes, that’s right! The same thing happened. The stabilizer ripped the knit fabric and bunched up. The machine started stitching in the wrong place. I was about ready to throw my machine in the garbage. Let’s just say I was venting!

Okay, “don’t give up”, I thought. I will just whip up some new leggings from the Ottobre 1/2007 issue. Nope. I stitched through the elastic. :sigh: Okay, just seam rip and try again… bad idea
I sliced my thumb open with the ripper.
I gave up, and cut fabric orders and went to bed!

What a lousy, no good, terrible and bad feng shui kinda day in the sewing room.



5 responses to “Bad *Feng Shui* in my sewing room

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello!i did a search for sewing blogs and somehow as is happenstance sometimes, found your master seam ripper site. name is outstanding and sympathies for your sewing injury… i’ve had a few injuries in the past 30 yrs~>they happen sooo fast! luckily not fatal 😉 In my 20s i sewed the end of my right index finger. i remember being stunned but it healed. i am more careful now, though i lost a little senstivity on the fingertip (lol). a small price to pay for sewing. i enjoy sewing tremendously even w/inherent highs and lows. the more i sew i dont have as many mistakes and lows. i sell some handmade stuff at an outdoor farmers/crafts market in seattle. i like your blog, it is sew truthful and fun at the same time. keep sewing!!! jeannine

  2. Sewzannes says:

    Aww thanks for the comment. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in sewing mishaps.I actually cringed at the thought of sewing through my finger. I’m glad you found my blog.Suzanne

  3. Anonymous says:

    feng shui is a tasty dish much like tempura that’s $3.95 on the lunch special. hehehe.every artist suffers for their craft and you are no exception. show the scar off every chance you get and use it as a branding opportunity for the master seam ripper name.but as i was typing i couldn’t help but thinking that when you sew your finger, you have to take the thread out with what else but… a seam ripper. oh irony, you cunning beast.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry you didn’t have a good day. You’re stuff always looks amazing though, and I would love for my dd to have a wardrobe out of the things I’ve seen you make. I hope the next time to attempt to sew it goes much better. Oh, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t care for the huskylock 910 (mine is actually stuffed away in the closet right now).

  5. Stephanie says:

    Boy, oh, boy. Let’s just hope that means all your mistakes for 2007 all over with and it’ll be smooth sailing/sewing from here on out!
    BTW, you have a beautiful family.

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