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Doggies for me :)

on April 23, 2007

Now I won’t carry a dog in a purse…but I will wear them on my skirt..

Gabriella..says it’s too young for me…I think it’s kinda retro cute..thus the rick rack trim

The top is Ottobre Womens Gathered neckline made from some MEGA soft Bamboo organic cotton knit..I made the sleeves 3/4 length

Plus a cute picture of my BIG(non purse size) lovable dog Clifford who is 13

This picture shows it a bit better.


3 responses to “Doggies for me :)

  1. Suz, I think it is super cute.. It takes a fun spirited mom to pull it off. You definately can wear it. The dog is adorable. What pattern did you use for the skirt?((HUGS))Peppermint

  2. Suzanne says:

    thanks 🙂I just made up the skirt pattern.I picked my favorite elastic waist skirt. Cut 7 inches off the top of the pattern. Cut a piece of cotton spandex 13″ high by the measurement on the cut of pattern.Sewed the cotton apsndex to the skirt and ta da 🙂thanks againSuzanne

  3. Dallas says:

    I totally wouldn’t have pictured that fabric in a skirt, but it’s really fun and cute. I like it.

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