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Just a Mama SUPER proud of her boy

on June 5, 2007
Okay, I have nothing to do with his *talent* except I’ve sat through many baseball games and practice 😉
This has been a real growing year for Landon (my ds age 12.) Ask my friends he has matured on many levels.
His best compliment this season was when an Ump sought Seth and I out to tell us he found Landon “Charming”….This was from The Chief of Police, who um…. sees lots of un-charming kids. He was impressed with Landon’s honesty when he explained to the ump that his own base runner shouldn’t advance because it was a ‘foul tip’.
Anyway 2 years ago, when Landon got up to bat everyone would say “fielders move in” well, this year…. It’s “Everyone back the fence” Landon is a homerun hitter..and is now selected for ALL STARS!!! WHOO HOO Landon.. I am so proud of you my gentle giant

One response to “Just a Mama SUPER proud of her boy

  1. Noelle says:

    Hi Seth – Well congradulate yourself, because it looks like he got your ( and Suzannes ) legs.I think baseball is the greatest sport of them all. Love, Aunt Noelle.

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