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Guess what? … Sewing is Good for you!

on June 17, 2007

I was really excited to read this article about sewing in the recent issue of Shape Magazine. Yes, Shape. The writer, Jeanine Detz, senior editor for Fitness Magazine, tackled sewing a new Yoga Bag using a pattern from the book “Lotta Jonsdotter’s Simple Sewing”. She noted a study which stated that while sewing your heart rate drops 7 beats per minute. I agree there is something that happens while creating……. When you get in the sewing zone! Well, I’m sure mine sky rockets when seam ripping, but that is like interval training 😉 You know, lower heart rate while sewing, raise it while ripping ……sew-robics!

What I found really exciting is that she *got it* she enjoyed the *I created this* with her hand crafted Yoga Bag! I love it when someone understands how awesome it is to stand back and look at what you’ve sewn.. and get that overwhelming “Ahhhhhhh” feeling. It’s like the little kid who says “I did it!” Or when you tackle a new challenge, like putting in an invisible zipper. I feel like that kid who just learned to ride a bike. I want to run around and say”look at my zipper, you can’t see it, I know, It’s invisble!”…..

Yesterday, I was wearing my Heather Ross doggie skirt. the ladies at my son’s baseball practice said. “I love your skirt, did you make it?” I tried to calmly say “Yes, I did”, as little me wanted to jump up and down and say, “I did, I did, isn’t it cute?…Thanks for noticing…I”m so proud of me!” But I just kept myself together and said “Thanks.” calmly, like any “good adult”….

In the article, she also asked the question, “Is`sewing the new knitting?” Oh, I hope so. I want to see lots of people calming saying “Yes, thanks, I did make it.” … and I will look into their eyes and see the little kid jumping up and down saing “I did, I did, isn’t it great?”

Now, go sew something today and lower your stress level and dance around, cuz you did it!


8 responses to “Guess what? … Sewing is Good for you!

  1. Heather says:

    Oh! I sooooo understand that feeling of wanting to jump up and down yelling, “Yes, Yes! I made it! Cool, isn’t it! Awesome, isn’t it!”

  2. Stephanie says:

    I totally get the jumping up and down thing too!

  3. kate says:

    Right on! You should be proud when you create something with your own two hands.

  4. Carbon says:

    Hi, Just blog hopped here from a friends site.I totally agree. I mostly do home decor things but I totally have that inner child you are describing. My hubby is so tired of me pointing out my sewing projects saying “gawd damn, hot diggity damn, who made these pillows” or me saying “I did that” while doing a little dance, much like football players do after they’ve scored. Great post!

  5. randi says:

    I do alot of aerobic sewing! Too much, really! 😉

  6. Muum says:

    I love to sew, too- it is great to create something. I’ve been at it a long time (4-H, y’know) -too bad I’m not better at it! I have a friend who likes to call ripping out ‘reverse sewing’ -how’s that for excessive positive attitude?

  7. Jendi says:

    Great post! I came across it while I was looking up “sewing for your health.”I’m going to save your blog to peruse more later.Have a great day!

  8. Sewnlove says:

    Yeah….I hope sewing is the new knitting..I so like to is relaxing *if things are going right* and it does bring pure joy when you finish a project…my husband comes home and asks..”So, what do you sew today?” and I show him what I have made…he is my encouragment…along with the ladies from church…and I am so thankful to God who gave me the gift of working with my hands!

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