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on July 4, 2007

Eliana picked out this fabric and the pattern the other day when her fever was 104+..(maybe that is why, when able to choose ANY fabric from my stash, or my store…., she choose one from JA’s 😉 The pink polka dots I picked out to go with the cute mermaids

Not great pics, she is still feeling yucky from being sick….

MC Calls 2596
Nice pattern, pretty good instructions too. I really like the wavy hem. I think I will make more of these over the next year.

A year ago I would have skipped the pockets thinking phooey they will add too much time. I’m so glad I took the extra 20 minutes to do them..She LOVES them.
And a picture of the back:


One response to “Mermaids!

  1. Noelle says:

    Suzanne, You are looking more beautiful than ever ( it is true about women and age ). I have done a couple of minor clothing projects…always feel a little insecure about the final outcome; I think it is the nature of the art because you put your heart into it and feel protective. Good going. And the baby looks great. Love, Noelle.

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