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Sweet 16

on September 9, 2007

Yes, it’s true….. Gabriella is now 16!
She’s so fun to watch grow up… She’s always been ahead of her time… Which means this hasn’t always been easy.

Seth & I made her shirt using the freezer paper method from
Angry Chicken

(Seth says, if you get tempted to hurry the drying process by pressing hard on the stencil with a cloth….Don’t do it! ….

He did just that and it made his clean stencil line bleed a bit ;o( … he was bummed )

Gabriella loved her shirt, though. Gifts are her “love language”, for sure!

So, she can officially “date”….. with a few zillion restrictions…..

She has had the same friend-boy for almost a year. (Now I am told I must give in and call him her boy-friend.) Good thing I really like the kid

They can now officially date..with lots of restrictions 😉 The first being the good old Bible space rule!!!


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