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Back to School Sewing

on September 10, 2007

Well, we did it. We sent our littlest one off to school. (We home school the other 3, well it’s a Charter School..Sort of 3/4 Home Schooling and 1/4 Enrichment Classes.)

Eliana is loving Kindergarten. She has the cutest teacher. It’s weird though her teacher is closer in age to my oldest son 17 than to my age. I remember when Kyle was in Kindergarten and his teacher and I were the same age..oh how life changes..Now this year I have a Senior in High School and a Kindergartener.

First her 1st day of school Outfit
Ottobre 5/2006 Bell skirt. I love this pattern. I do get lazy and omit the separate waistband. It does make it a tiny bit bulky at the waist, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. The top is Ottobre Collection 301. A perfect t shirt pattern IMHO

Next up 2 Redondo Skirts by Studio Tantrum and yes More Ottobre 301 T-shirts. the first is a horse set with Heather Ross horse fabric and the embroidery is from
Her designs ALWAYS stitchout so clean
Lastly a Hearts and Stripes Combo with a hearts embroidery
BunnyCup designs are so fun and stitch out perfect every time

and for fun đŸ™‚

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