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Take My Hand

on September 10, 2007
Amazing the power that Love has….

When we were on vacation this summer. Seth’s cousin Pastor Dave took us out on his ski boat. It was a magical day. Seth’s cousin is full of the joy of the Lord. He was so wonderful to be around.
The day was so perfect. One of those *remember that time on vacation days* That we will talk about for years.
Pastor Dave took us out on lake George in NY. There are some places on the lake where you can cliff dive/jump.
All my kids and Seth were so brave and jumped right away. Pastor Dave yelled “Hallejuah” which echoed everywhere and dove headfirst.. Very brave IMO
Now me, I climbed to the top and just couldn’t do it. I was full of fear. My kids kept cheering me on..but I stood there for 15 minutes and couldn’t muster the bravery. I climbed back down:(
But Love is always stronger than fear! I asked Seth if he would hold my hand and we could jump together. *Now I realise that actually jumping together is NOT as safe as jumping alone* But somehow holding his hand, my fears slipped away and I felt safe. It touched me so deeply that my love for my husband and his love for me was enough to make me do this šŸ™‚


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