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OH Yeah OhYeah

on September 16, 2007
I am SO stinkin excited!

We bought a new camera last night. I have been wanting a new camera for about 2 years. I would look and than talk myself out of it! But Finally when I read about the new Canon D40 I was SOLD! We had an awesome Customer Service experience at the Best Buy:yes: nice that it can still be found.

I am in love.. Here are some of the first photos Seth and I have taken..Man do we have A LOT to learn.. like we have time for a new hobby..

I also bought a Paint Shop Pro Tutorial from
click this link 🙂

by The Fairy Pixel

So Far I really like it and I have learned lots and I’m only on page 8… I have been using this program for 2+ years and didn’t even know it could do borders:blush: I am excited about this. I may have to buy some cool frames she has for sale too

A Dandelion using the regular lens..and my first attempt at frames.

Rachel who works for SewZannes :)I love this shot of her. She looks so beautiful and happy too

Using the cool new macro lens..Rachel’s husbands hair :p

Kyle took this one.. way cool

Our cool cat Cookie

Lastly my artsy new glasses and me playing with frames again!

That’s it. Look forward to new cool pictures soon.

Oh I forgot.. here is a picture from Ruffle-o-rama with a frame added..way cool huh


3 responses to “OH Yeah OhYeah

  1. Ok I just checked that Pretty Pricetag at and it said $1500!!!!!!! Wha???????? …I do have to admit however, that the pictures are absolutely incredible. If those are only from reading the manual up to page 8, I can’t wait to see what you shoot once you finish!!

  2. Moni says:

    Suzanne – you mentioned its a Canon D40 – its actually a Canon 40D.A D40 is Nikon’s new camera 🙂 …. I like your first few shots …. really nice… I’m still learning with my Rebel XT.

  3. Sewzannes says:

    oops, you’re right! It’s a 40D. Now you know why I have to seam rip a lot! thanks.

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