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A couple of Blogs I enjoy

on October 18, 2007

Maybe you already know about them..maybe not
but sometimes at night I LOVE to look at these great blogs that are very inspiring..

Now granted at times I walk away feeling like a total sewing loser!! Compared to them(whoever them is)..but Seth reminds me.. I am me and I have my sewing talents too.. like being a power seam ripper 😉

I am now inspired to step away from garment sewing.. well at least after sewing something from the new Ottobre..
I want to make a little crafty doll..toy..or home dec something.. I am inspired to try something you don’t wear..

So, if you have had` too much coffee one night (er, um, me… .I just got a new Espresso machine and whew I am really bouncing on coffee tonight!!!) check out some blogs.. find someone that really inspires you.. somehow this person talks to you and your creative self..

Okay I love this one for bag making… GREAT tutorials

I really like how this blogger she is sitting at the table drinking coffee with you.
She also has a great strip purse sew along
Creative Little Daisy

Okay a classic favorite
Angry Chicken

cutes dolls abound!
wee wonderfuls

All Buttoned Up

If you know about a blog I should check out please let me know

Have Fun


3 responses to “A couple of Blogs I enjoy

  1. Donna says:

    I think you’d really like my post as well. It’s I have a new sewing tip for professional seamstresses about five times a week. Check out the archives pages for anything you’ve missed.By the way, love the puppy!!!Donna

  2. Hey! I just found you today, love it! I woould love for you to check me out!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Hi! I just found you today from Material Mamas ‘Blog Love.’ Some of my favorite blogs are:http://www.allsorts.typepad.comhttp://www.houseonhillroad.typepad.comand

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