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Meet Lucy

on October 25, 2007

Our new puppy…She is a Golden-Doodle.. Half Golden Retriever/Half Standard Poodle.. A high Priced Mutt ;0) We love Goldens around here and my In Laws have great Standard Poodle, so I figured we couldn’t go wrong with this fun (low shed or no shed dog)

oh my isn’t she cute…

We were feeling such a huge hole in our family without our beloved Clifford. Plus our lovely dog Charlie has been quite depressed. Here she is

We are delighted with our new addition..She is quite calm for a puppy.. but I’m sure she will test my patience many times with puppy life in the next few years


4 responses to “Meet Lucy

  1. Amber Mc says:

    Almost makes me wanna have a dog! 🙂 She’s darling. I hope I can come meet her someday.

  2. OH! She’s lovely!! congratulations on the newest member of your family. She almost makes me want another dog 🙂~ Erika(Bugz*N*Bean)

  3. Troy Vera says:

    aw lucy! i can’t wait to bring her some treats next time i come by the shop!

  4. Adina P says:

    Lucy was a precious pup! How is she doing now? I have two labradoodles and I want to invite you to a website I started JUST for doodle owners: — it’s basically a social network to connect doodle owners, allow sharing of pics and stories about our doodle dogs, etc. I sure hope you stop by!Adina

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