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What message… at the Tone….?

on December 28, 2007

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You know… this is a tough one.
How many times do we read tone or attitude into an email?… I know I am very prone to it.

I tend to assume that someone is coming off with the most rude and angry “tone” as I read an email

Seth taught me a trick of reading every email imagining the sender with a smile… Pretending that, maybe, they didn’t mean to sound as ‘snarky’ as they did. I know when I have to write customers I try and make myself physically smile while I type.. Crazy, I know…

I made a purchase on Etsy last night.. my first. The seller contacted me via email..
I thought her tone was rude! I was thinking, “Gosh, why is she being like that?” Then I thought, “I don’t know how’s she’s being… it’s only letters! She was only explaining her policy to me, which she has probably typed out a hundred times!”
I thought, “Man, how often is it is received as rude when I email a customer, quickly as I can, when I have 50 emails to return?”
Anyway.. not sure why I am typing this out.. I guess, just as friendly reminder for myself to consider how little can actually be communicated through text! ….. It’s hard to “hear” what is being said.

Do women ‘read’ a different tone from a woman’s email vs. a man’s email…….. or is it just me?

I try to add smileys 🙂 and friendly words to make sure that the right ‘tone’ comes through.


One response to “What message… at the Tone….?

  1. I find this hard sometimes too, when I am swamped with emails to get out to people. Sometimes I will think later, “did I sound rude in that email?” It is hard to covey your personality in text sometimes, especially when it is about business.

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