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These Pictures Give Me Hope

on January 9, 2008

I think this amazing beauty gives me hope when peace comes when a day is over..

And the stunning beauty makes me feel humbled and in awe of God’s Creation. Days can be downright awful but when you see a sunset like this.. well hope is born again(at least for me)

Seth took these pictures 12-31-2007.. truly the end of a year.
enjoy 🙂

Incredible beauty and it’s free no airbrushing, botox(can you tell I’m turning 40) .. just simple amazing beauty


2 responses to “These Pictures Give Me Hope

  1. Stephanie C. says:

    The photos are stunning! Just gorgeous.

  2. Cindy says:

    I always think of God’s glory when I see beautiful sunsets/sunrises like the ones in these photos. It just makes you stop
    for a few seconds and give thanks.

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