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Ottobre 3/2007 !

on August 2, 2008
I get so addicted to a pattern. Jessica inspired this addiction 😉

I haven’t even taken pictures of the other 3 that I made :blush:

Ottobre 3/2007 with the matching shorts. Awesome pattern.. Fast and fun

First off some cute doggies form Sewzannes.. This is Eliana in our field looking for blueberries.. yum

I can only get her to take pictures if she gets to dance 😉 Cow fabric from JA’s

last one shows off the matching shorts

okay now I need to go do something different..

4 responses to “Ottobre 3/2007 !

  1. So, in the Octobre Designs cataloges are there patters in the magazine??? Thanks, Molly

  2. Allison says:

    I love this dress. I only have the Otto 4/04 which I bought from you. I’ll have to get this one soon.

  3. Sewzannes says:

    Molly:Yes, there are.. There can be up to 30 different patterns from infant to size 14. The ones with slideshows reveal the contents!

  4. Hi, is this pattern still available? When I click the link there is no item there. I would love the pattern for this sweet summer set.

    Also, is there a coverstitch machine you recommend?


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