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Sewing Block

on September 21, 2010

Lately… I have had sewing block.  You know where you stare at the fabric and patterns … but nothing grabs you.

(So, I Refinished the dining table!)

The only thing I have sewn in 3 weeks are: 2 buttons on some of Landon’s pants…
Sheesh how boring can you get.   Maybe I can hem some pants while I am at it.
bleck on hemming.

I think all of my creativity has gone into some blogs.. I now love.   You must check them out, be prepared with this one to gain 5 pounds.

But major yum!!!  The curry chicken.. oh yeah baby
For the first time I feel like I can cook some food that my family likes to eat.

I am Loving this site about building your own furniture.   She talks about the only kind of bed-making I am interested in 🙂

Very inspiring indeed.. I have bombarded Seth with questions about tools.   Since he works for a tool rental company. That’s a lot of questions …  poor guy.
Check her out.  You will be dreaming of wood and fabric for sure

From her site I found a local Mom (local to me, at least) with a great site about home decorating and distressing furniture… Which is totally my style.  That’s probably why I think it’s great…  but hey, it’s great even if it’s not exactly your style too 😛
Now get ready to start scanning Craigslist and thrift stores and lumber yards.

Hopefully someday soon the sewing mojo will return
but for now…The creativity is flowing but not at my machine.

Here’s a couple more of my current projects

New Coffee Table (you should'a seen the before pix! ....... next time)

Lastly.. Debating on whether I should paint or stain this cute piece I found for 5.00 at Goodwill.. What do you think?


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