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Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

on September 29, 2010

If you ever get to know me, you will learn… I get a bit, okay a lot, obsessed when I like something..
You know…the type of person, I like knitting and I read ALL I can about knitting, until the next.. I like“insert your obsession here”… comes along..The upside to this quirk in my personality, is that I like a lot of different things and have tried and learned a lot..

The kids and Seth teased me the other day.. If I got tattoos for every *thing* I get interested in.. My whole body might be covered..:P..

So for  the last two weeks the obsession was refinishing chairs..
The first set I worked on were some I found at a local recycle center..called recycle-town.I  grabbed these cool mid-century styled chairs for 5.00 bucks! I knew my friends who love mid century stuff… would NOT be happy that I planned to paint and country style these babies up!

Sanded, painted them yellow and used a WAY STINKY outdoor varnish…peee ewwww.. but dang that stuff is great.
I found some outdoor fabric that matches the patio and house colors….I love how that turned out..all country-fied..I know that’s not really a word 😉

Now, on to my high backed patio chairs. I found them years ago at a garage sale.. There used to be 4.. grumble Seth grumble..okay we won’t go there….

Seth had them piled up in the junk pile(bad bad bad)…I pulled them out and whipped these girls into shape.. Now if I could just do that with my thighs…that’s for another post 😉

All three girls, who still long for their sister:wah: Can we have a moment of silence please…. thanks

Lastly, the lone apple green chair.. I grabbed it at Goodwill for $2.99. I REALLY wanted to paint something apple green. I adore that color… Also, it gave me something to practice some new-to-me distressing techniques.(thanks centsentional girl)

Thanks for reading, your the best!


One response to “Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

  1. Jaye says:

    DoesApple Green get a cushion too? They are great! Good job!

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