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My new obsession…

on February 9, 2011

This new obsession, is upholstery.  Now I have recovered lots of chairs over the years, but now I am trying to move on to really re-upholstering a chair.

Now I am not a perfectionist, so that really works in my favor with this 😉 I try to do things well, but perfect, is um a bit out of my reach.

First up a table and 6 chairs, I picked up for my son Kyle. His girlfriend loves 50’s retro style.  They have some blue Ikea tables. So we painted the table powder blue and the chairs white.  I found some red and white polka dot fabric for the chairs.

Here is the chair before.

And the after 🙂










Here’s a picture of the chair











The total investment 150.00.. pretty cute for a few cans of spray paint and time..

Thanks for checking out my BLOG. I’m not a great writer, or amazing seamstress..not the most creative lady on the planet.. but I am me:) and this is my blog


4 responses to “My new obsession…

  1. jenjenslife says:

    Will you be my mother-in-law? I don’t live to far away. Just oustide a city you love. 🙂 BTW, you are very creative and an amazing seamstress, not to mention an awsome mother, wife and friend.

  2. sewzannes says:

    AWwwwwww your the bestest!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Those are aweseome Suz….agreed with above….you are an amazing woman is so many ways.

  4. seth ponek says:

    This was a score. It was hard for me to see the hardwood painted over, but it’s exactly what Ashley and Kyle wanted. great job!

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