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Gratitute 365

on December 1, 2012

I just wrote a big long post about why I am doing this and it got freaking deleted….GRUMBLE.

What a way to attempt this. 

A bit of history, Facebook does a challenge in November every year to post 30 days of Gratitude.  Really it bugs me for the most part but I do it.. A picture of me. I’m a Eeyore and a bit of Grinch ans a bit of piglet too. I suffer from chronic depression ..lame.. but I have learned tools over the years to deal with(cope with) live with it.. One of them is making a gratitude list.

Now, let me say I HATE writing. Really , I am a girl with no journals or major deep thoughts I want to put down for posterity or even look back at.  I do enjoy being online though, go figure.  But if posts are to long like this one.. I do the standard. TLDR ( too long didn’t read)I’m into brief..

So in prayer I felt urged to write 365 days of gratitude.. So I thought hmmm I could do that online. No one reads my blog anyway. It will keep me accountable. I didn’t want to keep posting on Facebook.,Sheeesh I would have no friends left after a year.. 

I’m not trying to be some super spiritual Glory hound either. Oooooh look how spiritual she is writing gratitude posts daily. Um If your looking for that just keep on moving.Nothing like that to be seen here.

I’m just a girl, with a challenge layed at my feet. By God. And I’m taking it on. Spelling errors grammatical errors, bad attitude and gratitude included

here is a copy of my November list

November  gratitude

Gratitude Day 1: Starbucks Red Cups are Here

Gratitude Day 2: Today I am thankful for so many amazing women I call friend ….
Honestly each one of you has touched my life in a true and meaningful way. Thank You

Gratitude 3: today I am grateful for spell check. I was born a horrible speller. When I would write or type before I was embarrassed since I couldn’t spell. Today I still make lots of errors, but it has made life better

Day 4: today I am grateful for my sister Karen. I spent my childhood / young adulthood being jealous , resentful and insecure about her athletic skills, beauty and outgoing personality 
Now as an adult I have learned to be proud and embrace her abilities with love and joy — with Karen L Doane.

Day 5: grateful for all the Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, sponsors and Pastors. Who have given of their time talent and experience to remind me God loves me
Thanks so much

Day 6: grateful for eggnog. Yup I am I love the yummy fattening drink

Day 7: grateful for all my animals. Since I was little animals have been some of my best comforters. Missing my animals that have gone ahead of me. One of my first thoughts about Heaven is seeing my dogs again 🙂

Day 8: today I’m grateful for music But specifically 80’s music. When I listen to it. I feel young again and just feel happy. 
Unless I listen to my favorite band. Depeche Mode, then I get somber and deep 😉

Day 9: grateful for recovery from addiction

Day 10: grateful to live in a beautiful part of this awesome USA

Day 11: Grateful to have Church in Vegas

Day 12: Grateful for my Father in Law’s. I have been blessed to have 2 men love me like a daughter. God is so good to me

Day 13: Today I’m grateful I finally have an appointment with a Neurologist/Pain Management DR.( after trying to get in for 8 weeks!!!!) Who can hopefully help me with my foot pain

Day 14: grateful for TV remotes, because I am old enough to remember getting up and having to change the channel

Day 15: today I’m grateful for Heather (my sister from another mister) no one can make me laugh, cry, or dance like this awesome friend. Love you
Happy Birthday — with Heather Fontaine-Doyle.

Day 16: Grateful I live where I can board my friends rescue horses. I can enjoy their beauty and it doesn’t cost me a dime 🙂

Day 17: grateful for challenging experiences. Life has taught me to smile and grow from them

Day 18: grateful this is what I wake up to every morning animal snuggles and coffee(please notice the TV remote)

Day 19: So grateful I loved and was loved back by my sister-in-law Kathy. One of those who just gave out love. Happy Birthday. Miss you. See you on the other side

Day 20: Grateful I was able to listen to Michael Jackson in his prime. Before the craziness and sadness. Still love his music

Day 21: Grateful for my son Landon Ponek laugh! His laugh is so pure. If you have ever heard it you know.. I just love it

Day 22: grateful for 3.5 years with Bobby. I try to focus on all I learned and experienced in that time together. Every time I see his smile in Kyle Franco and Gabriella Franco. I see how parts of his love are still here
I know he loves watching Zoriah and must glow with joy at how much she is loved
I also know he is a bit bummed I am such a huge Giants fan :ppp hey the one the World Series I could here him from heaven complaining 😉
Thank you Bobby for loving a broken drug addicted girl who needed protection love and a best friend 
Your kids turned out Awesome
Your Grandbaby is the best love on the planet
Love you. I’ll have that turkey sandwich for you

Day 23: grateful for my pink muck boots. They symbolize I am living my dream. Horses, chickens, goats , mud and land.

Day 24: Seth Ponek is grateful I promised to not go anywhere but to the dump rocking this look today.

Day 25:
Grateful I have learned skills to make these girls boot cuff/ toppers

Day 26: the posts from my kids (minus-1) who says I already know it ;). And Seth Ponek tell me I’m loved. Grateful indeed

Day 27: grateful for my daughters girl scouts leaders. They took the girls out geo cashing yesterday. They make it fun and CARE about developing awesome women for the future!!!

Day 28: so grateful for my Gram. She was warm, loving, forgiving, faith filled, bad ass card player, crafty, baseball fan and the best part of my childhood. May I be as good to my granddaughter I hope I make you proud

Day 29: grateful for this quote
“Don’t wait till you’re depressed to practice gratitude.”

Day 30: 122 days until opening day for baseball 🙂 can’t wait


Day 1 : Grateful for History Podcasts. I love them.. My favorite is Stuff you Missed in History Class



One response to “Gratitute 365

  1. Cheryl says:

    You, girlfriend, are amazing to me. I love your forthright and honest attitude. I am SO grateful to have you in my life. Love you so much!

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