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December 12 :Kyle

on December 12, 2012

Ah the love of a child.  Kyle captured my heart. From the moment he came into this world ( a rough birth but I’ll save you the gory details, because you really don’t care anyway :P)

Bobby was so excited to see him, he started to walk off to show him to our friends, Dave and Michelle, before I even got to hold him.  Bobby was VERY excited to be a father. He instantly loved Kyle so much.  I have always wondered if he knew his time was short with his children and to make the little time he had amazing.  As a mother I was  jealous of the love they had.

After Bobby’s death, my little guy curled up into himself. Very painful to watch. When he started to talk again and laugh my heart leapt for joy. When his love started and grew for Seth, I knew his heart had begun to heal.

Kyle has always been my child with great love and also great sadness.  I think they sometimes travel together.

He is all grown up now. A father now to his own child.  But it’s strange how even today at 23, I look at him and see my little toddler. So full of love and so needy for safety.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the man I see him growing into. One of great compassion for others, love for his girlfriend and daughter, devotion to family and a creative spirit.

My prayer for him, is a renewal with God, not some forced Christian ideal that I raised him with necessarily, ( Meaning I don’t see my son as some sinful backslider) but a security and knowledge of God’s love for him. That He has a plan in his life.

That he find some relief for the sadness that can plague him.

That this year bring great joy.

His daughter may expand his love more than he could ever imagine.

That his relationship with Ashley grow and deepen.

Kyle my pride and joy

I love you, Happy Birthday



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