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December 29: emeals

on December 29, 2012

I love using emeals. Until I started using them. I was either overwhelmed by what to make for dinner. Making the same boring things each week. Trying recipes from everywhere with mixed results.

I would do my weekly shopping only to have to go back to the store or scrap dinner plans altogether because I was missing an ingredient or two.

We having been using the program for a year now. I would say 90% of the meals (we use the clean eating plan) we like. I make 4-5 of the meals per week. I do my Safeway online ordering. I order right off my recipe ingredients list. And than staples and breakfast foods.

For our family of 4 there is usually leftovers. So for us home schoolers that is lunch the next day.

For me it has been a time, money and food saver. I toss out way less food each week.

If you are overwhelmed by meal planning. I suggest checking it out. I can’t rave enough


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