Master Seam Ripper

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March 7:Stephanie

on March 6, 2013

18 years ago. This sweet funny young girl started babysitting for me. She was an amazing girl. Filled with love for God She treated my kids with kindness
Seth and I grew to love her so much.

We watched as she suffered a huge loss in losing her mother when she was so young and fragile. Yet she kept her faith and was such an example of loving God, that she drew me back into Church and a deepening of my faith. That I will forever be grateful. My life was changed in the most profound way

She grew up and even worked for Sewzannes for a few years:). Our relationship changed over the years. From adult to child To equals and friends. Stephanie is now an adult women. Full of grace faith and kindness

Today I received this sweet gift of hankies for a sewing project from Stephanie. Another example of her thoughtful and generous way
Thanking God today that Stephanie us in my life.
May her path be guided by God. And may Gods soft and kindness envelope her along the way



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