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March 21: Loss

on March 21, 2013

Today My heart goes out to my dear friend Cheryl.Today would have been her daughters 15th birthday. Her precious daughter Kristy.who is hanging out in Heaven,waiting for the day to see her mama again.

While I believe Kristy is happy and joyous in Heaven  I have seen how the loss of her on this Earth has crushed my dear friend.  She has struggled through all the insurmountable emotional challenges that the loss of a child can bear on ones soul. I am grateful this is a burden I have not experienced.

My friend has shown me such amazing courage…to stand back up when all feels lost and broken in this world. Both cling too and scream at the God who watched all this happen. Cheryl has taught me that even though the pain lingers daily and you never Get Over the loss. You can cling, yell, cry, hate,  and love  the amazing God who knows all.

In gratitude to my amazing friend  Who has shown me hope in its truest form. When life failing and pain and loss stare at you. You

Happy 15th Birthday Kristy

Happy 15th Birthday Kristy

can still live with a broken heart.

Happy 15th Birthday Kristy.


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