Master Seam Ripper

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May 12:Mom

on May 12, 2013

I love my Mom. For so many reasons. She taught me manners, grace and tolerance towards others. Passed on to me the insatiable love of crafting and sewing. She also introduced me to my loving creator Jesus. My life was filled with the constant reminder of the love of a Heavenly Father. Who only loved me

My happiest childhood memories were the sound of my mom at her sewing machine.
My young childhood home was not a happy one. A members alcoholism was a constant state of terror and fear. Yet my mom working all the best skills , tools and love she could muster Raised me in love
Though at times we have been separated and have been on the potters wheel about what it means to love forgive and accept. I do believe she has taught me those skills. Even if they were learned through mutual heartache
Today I love and cherish my time and relationship with my mom. I owe her so much. Her talent endurance and love are great skills I try to emulate
Love you mom



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