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May 13: Cervical Stenosis

on May 13, 2013

The image to this post is perfect.. Life is hard when I spill my coffee 😉


This morning I had an epidural in my neck, dealing with this ongoing pain I have had for a few years.  For years my arms have gone numb, especially at night. Or while doing yoga, painting and lifting weights.

I did Physical Therapy for awhile and gained some relief. But, in December I went back to the gym after FINALLY receiving some pain relief in my foot. PRAISE GOD!  **My foot is a challenge for me, but with God and the support of friends I have grieved the loss of running, and look forward to new athletic challenges.**

Well, life wouldn’t want to be boring around here, and my arm pain, became unbearable. So today was a new attempt to bring some relief. 

Today I am grateful that I have options for healing, healthcare and family to support me in my down-times




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