Master Seam Ripper

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June 12: Good Enough

on June 12, 2013

I was reminded today. How important it is to hold onto the belief that I AM GOOD ENOUGH….
Sometimes the inner voice of critic. My friend calls it the inner bully. Takes hold and shakes me silly inside, with cruelty.
If I listen and believe. Than I begin the evil walk of comparison to others. Self hate etc.
Now I’m all for taking an honest inventory-look at my behavior. Being open to change and improvement. That is healthy. But the destructive tearing down. I have no space for that in my life.
For me my strength hope and direction comes from God. I believe that God only feels love for me. That He always says
Suzanne you are good enough. Stand tall in my Grace. Perfection can not be attained. Love and serve others. That is your highest calling.
So today I say to myself. And all of you who struggle with this



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