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June 16: My Love

on June 17, 2013

Today Facebook was filled with posts of love about Dads and their love
My kids have been so blessed to have Seth as their father.
When Bobby died …Kyle and Gabriella were so little. I couldn’t imagine a man loving me or my kids as much as Bobby did. Bobby truly loved his kids with all he had in him. I honestly believe that Bobby hand picked Seth for us. If he couldn’t travel on this earth with us any longer. He only wanted the best for us. That is what Seth is.

He is an amazing father to all four of our kids. A faithful man with a quiet yet steady determined love of God. A very hard worker. A devoted husband. Intelligent , clever, handsome , creative and handy with tools and computers.

Call me blessed indeed

The picture is Seth packing for Romania. I am amazed that a man who works so hard. Is willing to give up his vacation. To help others.
Love you Seth!!!!
Your wife



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