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June 21: Family

on June 21, 2013

My emotions are very overpowering today. We visited a state run orphanage today. It was recently taken over by a Christian organization. They are overwhelmed yet devoted to changing a cyclical abuse, neglect and poorly cared for system of caring for the most wounded of all God creations
I am impressed by their dedication to ending the abuse. I am in awe of there passion.

Today when touring the facility. I had this overpowering feeling of creepiness. Not sure how else to say it. They need Americans etc to see the sub standard ( that is being kind) to have the monetary ability to change…. Yet, I felt like I was getting a tour and looking into rooms etc. like at the Zoo.

Hey kids, perform for the Americans. Show them your rooms etc. Let them take your picture. Actually that was my breaking point. I wanted to scream. I refuse to take a picture. They are people children. Abused and ultimately rejected by those who should love them most ( this a passion near and dear to my heart, one that wounds me like no other )
So I am not sure if I will post any pictures of orphans I meet here. Only if they want to and it seems a fruitful reason.
So today I choose only choose to post a picture that cannot capture. The sadness that permeates this building

Sorry for this emotional post. But it had been a day like that
Grateful for my family



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