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June 22: Gypsy Village

on June 22, 2013

Today we brought food and beanie babies( generously donated by my Doctor. She heard I was going to Romania and gathered up over 150 beanie babies.). To a gypsy village.
If I was shocked yesterday. The poverty of today was overwhelming.
The Gypsy people are an interesting situation. The do not consider themselves Romanian. They have no papers etc. they are a nomad(homeless if you will) people
The families we met today live at the local dump. The gather food, clothing and supplies to live. The water they drink is combined with the sewage system. The children do not go to school. Many of the adults beg, steal and prostitute themselves to survive..

They in many ways seem to be an invisible people. They were very grateful for the food. And the children loved the beanies
After we asked if taking her picture was okay. She happily agreed So I will post her receiving her gift. From a stranger on the other side of the planet

Again amazing grateful



2 responses to “June 22: Gypsy Village

  1. Jessica Berman says:

    Wow…do they use the term “Roma” ? That’s the politically correct term used around here for what we used to call gypsies…. Pretty humbling, no? Stay well and know that you are loved and missed back home!

  2. Jacque Chance says:

    An amazingly humbling experience, visiting undeveloped or underdeveloped countries and meeting the people who have little or nothing and live their lives without those things we consider impossible to do without. What a blessing,,,,

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