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June 26: Slab

on June 27, 2013

We are home now.. Happy and exhausted.  I think it will take time for me to wrap up all my feelings from the trip.. So many amazing powerful times.. Amazing worship with our new friends from Sweden and Romania.

The heartbreak of abuse, neglect and poverty.

The beauty of the people, culture and city.

The bonding with the other people from my Church who went on the trip. I will forever have a special bond with each of them. Other than “I’m hot!”Which it was.. there were no complaints.. Okay maybe a few in the bus trip :hurl:…

If the opportunity arises, I would go back in a heartbeat.

We finished a slab, so that a family can move into their new house. A new home can be opened up and 12!!!! more children in need of a forever safe and loving home can find one. I am amazed I was able in a small way to help end the abuse for any child anywhere!  That is my passion.

Thank you to my amazing Adobe Friends.. I love you all

To our new Romania friends.. Miss you already..

slablove adoberomania




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