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July 10: healthy choices

on July 10, 2013

I have been challenged lately to confront some unhealthy behaviors I have in my life.
I spent most of my life being fit and making healthy food choices( at least 80%) of the time. Which is completely fine by me. Since perfection is not my goal.
Since my last foot surgery I have battled the self pity of losing my ability to exercise how I want! This self pity has taken hold. I have grabbed ahold of it like a cuddly blanket.
This has all shown up in my food choices and weight My fitness level is at an all time low. My weight is creeping up on an all time high.
It all comes down to me. Letting go of the self pity. Kicking it and the hold it has on me to the curb.
Today. I start
Grateful that new choices can start at anytime of day




2 responses to “July 10: healthy choices

  1. shauna says:

    You can do it girl. I know your drive. You are amazing and have strength you can’t see right now. I have seen it. Believe me, tap into that belief and use that blind faith to fight your weakness and become the woman that is fighting to break free from your body…… Love You

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