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July 15: Fear- Challenged

on July 15, 2013

WOW.. Today was amazing and terrifying.

Our Girl Scout Troop is disbanding 😦 But they choose to use their hard earned cookie sales $ to go on a Zip Line Canopy Tour in the Redwoods.

If you know me you know I have two HUGE fears.. Frogs and heights..Both things have a large part in my growing up. When dysfunctional people know your fears they can use them to torment a small helpless child.

That little girl (me) grows up and says” No longer will these fears or memories control me!!!” I refuse to be held captive to painful times.

Today, with the amazing gift of two amazing ladies (Allison and Rebekah)and my daughter Eliana. God works through people you know 🙂  I took a BIG leap, literally, forward and flew through the air.  300 feet in the air!!!

**Platform 3 – 4
Now the real adventure begins. Look down if you dare: you’ll see the deep natural ravine almost 300 feet below***

I don’t have pictures, yet.. but hopefully I will find one to share.

Today I feel free

Grateful that God sends people to help us, at just the right time, with the right words when we step out (or off the platform on a redwood tree) in trust.




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