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July 22: whooped

on July 22, 2013

Seth, Gaby(my mother in law) and I have been working non stop. Reorganizing, painting and cleaning Seth’s sound studio/ office/ kids game room.
It was a long overdue project. His room flooded almost 10 years ago. The carpet had to be torn out. He has been dealing with a bare concrete floor

With non stop work. We had installed floors. Painted walls and doors. Installed a cool metal flashing as a border that sets of the sound board walls.

Now my office picked up all the over- spillage. It now looks like an episode of hoarders. Ugh. Honestly there are 5 ft high pathways.

Oh well, a project for another day
My feet have given out.
Tired tootsies
Grateful to work on a project for my husband. He does SO much for me. I truly was a gift for me. To be able to help him with his project


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