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August 29: EIEIO

on August 29, 2013

Playing around with my camera this afternoon, (the endless hours of waiting for Seth to come home from traveling) Rather than clean, fold laundry or do anything really productive.

I decided to snap a few shots of my animals..If you know me.. You know my love of animals is um…. BIG…  to say just a  little  

We board some horses of my girlfriends, who does animal rescue (she IS a bigger animal nut than I am 😉 )  We love these guys… Every morning when I feed them I savor.. I know a bit strange,but it’s true… the horse smell.. There is something so comforting about it. Their gentle whinny as I toss apples and hay over the fence

First is Maggie, amazingly gentle ladyImage

Isn’t she pretty


next up  JOE..

This guy is  GORGEOUS spunky, regal, powerful yet so lovable.. This guy is Seth’s buddy for sure! If Seth was a horse he would look be like this, or Joe reminds me of Seth but as a horse.. I dunno that is all just sounding strange. But believe me Joe is awesome.

He cut his head on something this morning, most likely some brambles of blackberries, now I just need to have him let me clean it..Anyone want to come over and help me hold a 1000+ pound horse 😉


his eye.. look into that horse soul



now onto two of the six goats

Jessie, Landon’s goat, named after Jezebel in the Bible.. Don’t ask>!>!

She is the BOSS!!! Don’t let those airplane ears fool you 😉  She is noisy, funny, bossy and adorable


Brownie Bite .. Eliana’s goat.. He was such a runt of a little goat. He could fit through the tiniest openings in the fence.  He is our only male (castrated) You do NOT want a unaltered male goat with in smelling distance.  He knocks into everyone, except Jessie. Gets way more than his fair share of food. Yet will climb into your lap if you let him


My chicken Pepper.. Not a creative name, but she looks like pepper.  She is a good layer and loves the camera..


okay, now on to my loves

My trouble, sneaky, incredibly smart, graceful, fast, best snuggler, love at my feet girl Lucy.


and her son..

The clumsy, not so smart, whiny, goofy, adorable, and lovable muttImage


Grateful for all of these animals.. I have loved animals since I can remember, more than people at times. They have been my comfort, my friends and have somehow at times let me believe that life is worth living and good things are in it..


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