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August 30: I Work Out

on August 30, 2013

I’m singing the song in my head as I type this….


I have started going back to the gym. It is part of my acceptance of my foot pain. Not sure that it really makes sense from the outside looking in. You have horrible foot pain( walking on glass with each step sort of pain) YET, your going to the gym and working out????

 I know,????   But honestly, right now, nothing is helping with the pain, and working out can’t make the nerve pain worse. BUT gaining more weight can.. So I’m just not willing to let this challenge take away a love(fitness) of mine.  I’m working with my challenge verses against it. Letting the self pity and grief of what WAS.. now become.. What I CAN do!!!!

Grateful for a great gym POWERFIT.  The trainers have really taken on this adventure with me.. Grateful to be moving forwardImage




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