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September 20 : Competition

on September 20, 2013



I’ll admit it, I’m pretty competitive..

BUT, I was also taught to be a good loser, Thank you to my family for playing cards and losing was a part of the game.. I promise pouting and throwing a fit when losing just wouldn’t fly!!!!!

I read today in a book Craft-A Day, that crafting should be fun and creative.. NOT a competition..I think with all the DIY Blogs and Pinterest, I can get caught up in the comparison lie.. instead of the creative process that is in me..

I love to be inspired by the amazing bloggers out there.. but God gave me my talents and strengths( I always forget how to spell this word ;?)    I need to focus on those, not how they compare to others

Creativity is NOT a competition.. It is a path of expression.


Grateful today that I can be reminded of my path from a simple (BUT GOOD) craft book



image source


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