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Finding My Style

People said it would happen, I wasn’t sure I knew what they meant.. When they would say..” Just be you!” “Paint things with your style” or “Just paint what you like”  Hard to do those things when you aren’t sure what that is…

But lately I have been painting with milk paint.  I do consider it adventure paint. Now don’t get me wrong I adore chalk paint :heart:  But there is something for me.. magical… about the natural chippy process milk paint may take or not take.. You really have to roll with it. Embrace the uncertainty of what it will do. Some times I will think .. Oh this piece will chip like crazy and nope..nada.. zilch!!!

Other times I don’t think it will chip a lot and tons of the paint chips and I have to embrace that..

What I have found is MY STYLE.. It may be others as well.. but it feels right.. I connect with the process. It feels authentic..I feel creative..

I don’t know how this will develop in the future.. but today I feel so happy inside.. I’ll post some photos of my current projects..