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I plan on making some of these for Christmas.. Camera Straps

Thinking of affordable Christmas Ideas this year..

I thought .. I would want one of these…

Found some great blogs that have tutorials.. I can’t sew anything without a pattern.. Okay maybe a napkin πŸ˜‰
TidyMomΒ Β  has this very nice tutorial
Camera Strap Tutorial from Tidy Mom

House on The Hill has a cute scrappy idea
Scrappy Strap

and another from
Camera Strap Tutorial

Have fun.. I plan too

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Twitter Fabric?

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Who knew Michael Miller was into Twitter?

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Sewzanne’s is all a Twitter!

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Sing About Your Sewing Machine, Lately?

You may have seen this… but it’s a kick!

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Personality Test

This was fun…
Now I wonder if Seth took the test for me if he would get the same result? I’m not so sure he would score me as high in the cooperation arena πŸ˜‰

Let me know what your results are πŸ™‚


A couple of Blogs I enjoy

Maybe you already know about them..maybe not
but sometimes at night I LOVE to look at these great blogs that are very inspiring..

Now granted at times I walk away feeling like a total sewing loser!! Compared to them(whoever them is)..but Seth reminds me.. I am me and I have my sewing talents too.. like being a power seam ripper πŸ˜‰

I am now inspired to step away from garment sewing.. well at least after sewing something from the new Ottobre..
I want to make a little crafty doll..toy..or home dec something.. I am inspired to try something you don’t wear..

So, if you have had` too much coffee one night (er, um, me… .I just got a new Espresso machine and whew I am really bouncing on coffee tonight!!!) check out some blogs.. find someone that really inspires you.. somehow this person talks to you and your creative self..

Okay I love this one for bag making… GREAT tutorials

I really like how this blogger she is sitting at the table drinking coffee with you.
She also has a great strip purse sew along
Creative Little Daisy

Okay a classic favorite
Angry Chicken

cutes dolls abound!
wee wonderfuls

All Buttoned Up

If you know about a blog I should check out please let me know

Have Fun


Guess what? … Sewing is Good for you!

I was really excited to read this article about sewing in the recent issue of Shape Magazine. Yes, Shape. The writer, Jeanine Detz, senior editor for Fitness Magazine, tackled sewing a new Yoga Bag using a pattern from the book “Lotta Jonsdotter’s Simple Sewing”. She noted a study which stated that while sewing your heart rate drops 7 beats per minute. I agree there is something that happens while creating……. When you get in the sewing zone! Well, I’m sure mine sky rockets when seam ripping, but that is like interval training πŸ˜‰ You know, lower heart rate while sewing, raise it while ripping ……sew-robics!

What I found really exciting is that she *got it* she enjoyed the *I created this* with her hand crafted Yoga Bag! I love it when someone understands how awesome it is to stand back and look at what you’ve sewn.. and get that overwhelming “Ahhhhhhh” feeling. It’s like the little kid who says “I did it!” Or when you tackle a new challenge, like putting in an invisible zipper. I feel like that kid who just learned to ride a bike. I want to run around and say”look at my zipper, you can’t see it, I know, It’s invisble!”…..

Yesterday, I was wearing my Heather Ross doggie skirt. the ladies at my son’s baseball practice said. “I love your skirt, did you make it?” I tried to calmly say “Yes, I did”, as little me wanted to jump up and down and say, “I did, I did, isn’t it cute?…Thanks for noticing…I”m so proud of me!” But I just kept myself together and said “Thanks.” calmly, like any “good adult”….

In the article, she also asked the question, “Is`sewing the new knitting?” Oh, I hope so. I want to see lots of people calming saying “Yes, thanks, I did make it.” … and I will look into their eyes and see the little kid jumping up and down saing “I did, I did, isn’t it great?”

Now, go sew something today and lower your stress level and dance around, cuz you did it!