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July 19 : Burlap Chair

I did it.  I made a new wooden bottom for this old vanity chair.  I recovered it with an old feed sack.  (hint; if you wash old feed sacks to get the *old* smell out, you will seriously fade out all the lettering)  But I was happy the * California* was still legible. I used some duck cloth underneath the burlap to give it some stability.

I really like how it turned out.

Glad to know I’ve still got some wood shop skills.

Grateful for toolsImage

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July 18: jigsaw

Remembered today that I can still use a jigsaw. And that I did get an A in wood shop 🙂
Grateful for simple tools and the gentle nudge from Seth that I CAN do it myself


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May 27: Barn Wood

I love the look of old barn wood, fence boards and weathered woods.

Seth is an awesome garage sale *picker*. A few weeks ago he found some old barn wood. It needed some serious cleaning. But the worn red color is lovely.

Today he helped me create a barn wood wall in my dealer space at Summer Cottage Antiques.

My husband is a keeper. I just love him. He helps me with my dreams, challenges and is my best friend. And he is so sexy when he swings a hammer 😉
Also posting pictures of my space
Grateful for wood and my husband









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May 15: Chalk Paint

My life was made easier and projects prettier with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 🙂

Grateful for good paintImage

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April 27: fun project

While garage sale shopping today, Seth and I found this old lonely drawer:( She said “buy me”. But I knew she needed something. And Ta-da in a bin below were some lonely legs looking for a friend
Thanks to Seth’s handy tool skills
The drawer and legs are now a happy couple:)
It can work as a kitty bed, dog bed or storage bin
Really fun project
Grateful fog creativity


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March 18: Handy Hubby

I love that Seth loves projects as much as I do. The major bonus is he has mad skills :). Call me old school but a husband who knows how to use a saw I find sexy for sure.
We hit the thrift store this weekend. I scored a 2$ white board for my newly decorated sewing room
Seth made a new frame using some old fence boards It turned out awesome if I do say so.
Love my handy hubby



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Table Revival

Once upon a time there was a table who’s time had passed. Well, Someone had donated it to Goodwill.. I saw potential in it still. Though it was boxy and modern styling..I had hope I could make it rustic.

The chocolate stain attempt on the legs got too sticky. Did something wrong.. go figure.  The sander came out again and the legs went white again.

The left over fence boards needed a new home. The new Kreg Jig gadget needed a project (love this thing, I’ll show you more on the Kreg Jig later). Thanks

The new table surface was screwed in from the bottom. The belt sander had it’s way.

By the way, watch out with a belt sander! It almost completely ate up the drop cloth when I got too close!

Then the marine-quality-outdoor polyurethane stain went on.Stinky stinky stuff..

Table Revival!

And the table had new life, and lived happily ever after. Or until *The Fonz* decides to chew it :sigh:


Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

If you ever get to know me, you will learn… I get a bit, okay a lot, obsessed when I like something..
You know…the type of person, I like knitting and I read ALL I can about knitting, until the next.. I like“insert your obsession here”… comes along..The upside to this quirk in my personality, is that I like a lot of different things and have tried and learned a lot..

The kids and Seth teased me the other day.. If I got tattoos for every *thing* I get interested in.. My whole body might be covered..:P..

So for  the last two weeks the obsession was refinishing chairs..
The first set I worked on were some I found at a local recycle center..called recycle-town.I  grabbed these cool mid-century styled chairs for 5.00 bucks! I knew my friends who love mid century stuff… would NOT be happy that I planned to paint and country style these babies up!

Sanded, painted them yellow and used a WAY STINKY outdoor varnish…peee ewwww.. but dang that stuff is great.
I found some outdoor fabric that matches the patio and house colors….I love how that turned out..all country-fied..I know that’s not really a word 😉

Now, on to my high backed patio chairs. I found them years ago at a garage sale.. There used to be 4.. grumble Seth grumble..okay we won’t go there….

Seth had them piled up in the junk pile(bad bad bad)…I pulled them out and whipped these girls into shape.. Now if I could just do that with my thighs…that’s for another post 😉

All three girls, who still long for their sister:wah: Can we have a moment of silence please…. thanks

Lastly, the lone apple green chair.. I grabbed it at Goodwill for $2.99. I REALLY wanted to paint something apple green. I adore that color… Also, it gave me something to practice some new-to-me distressing techniques.(thanks centsentional girl)

Thanks for reading, your the best!

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Sewing Block

Lately… I have had sewing block.  You know where you stare at the fabric and patterns … but nothing grabs you.

(So, I Refinished the dining table!)

The only thing I have sewn in 3 weeks are: 2 buttons on some of Landon’s pants…
Sheesh how boring can you get.   Maybe I can hem some pants while I am at it.
bleck on hemming.

I think all of my creativity has gone into some blogs.. I now love.   You must check them out, be prepared with this one to gain 5 pounds.

But major yum!!!  The curry chicken.. oh yeah baby
For the first time I feel like I can cook some food that my family likes to eat.

I am Loving this site about building your own furniture.   She talks about the only kind of bed-making I am interested in 🙂

Very inspiring indeed.. I have bombarded Seth with questions about tools.   Since he works for a tool rental company. That’s a lot of questions …  poor guy.
Check her out.  You will be dreaming of wood and fabric for sure

From her site I found a local Mom (local to me, at least) with a great site about home decorating and distressing furniture… Which is totally my style.  That’s probably why I think it’s great…  but hey, it’s great even if it’s not exactly your style too 😛
Now get ready to start scanning Craigslist and thrift stores and lumber yards.

Hopefully someday soon the sewing mojo will return
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I plan on making some of these for Christmas.. Camera Straps

Thinking of affordable Christmas Ideas this year..

I thought .. I would want one of these…

Found some great blogs that have tutorials.. I can’t sew anything without a pattern.. Okay maybe a napkin 😉
TidyMom   has this very nice tutorial
Camera Strap Tutorial from Tidy Mom

House on The Hill has a cute scrappy idea
Scrappy Strap

and another from
Camera Strap Tutorial

Have fun.. I plan too

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