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June 26: Slab

We are home now.. Happy and exhausted.  I think it will take time for me to wrap up all my feelings from the trip.. So many amazing powerful times.. Amazing worship with our new friends from Sweden and Romania.

The heartbreak of abuse, neglect and poverty.

The beauty of the people, culture and city.

The bonding with the other people from my Church who went on the trip. I will forever have a special bond with each of them. Other than “I’m hot!”Which it was.. there were no complaints.. Okay maybe a few in the bus trip :hurl:…

If the opportunity arises, I would go back in a heartbeat.

We finished a slab, so that a family can move into their new house. A new home can be opened up and 12!!!! more children in need of a forever safe and loving home can find one. I am amazed I was able in a small way to help end the abuse for any child anywhere!  That is my passion.

Thank you to my amazing Adobe Friends.. I love you all

To our new Romania friends.. Miss you already..

slablove adoberomania



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June 24: Rural Romania

We visited rural Romania today. Well a small part. It is a beautiful countryside. With rolling hills and lovely green vegetation. Seeing some of the women and men in somewhat traditional garments brought a smile to my face.

We visited Bear Caves. A cave discovered in 1975. It was filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Plus over 100 bear bones. I have never seen anything like it. Really cool

The bus ride to and from was…. An adventure. A bus full of people. Winding roads, potholes, lack of air , narrow roads with cars passing, just missing each other
posting some pictures of Seth and I laughing on the ride home on the bus.
Lastly posting a picture of a beautiful worn wooden wall. I would love to recreate this.
Grateful for safe travel. Really really really!!!







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June 22: Gypsy Village

Today we brought food and beanie babies( generously donated by my Doctor. She heard I was going to Romania and gathered up over 150 beanie babies.). To a gypsy village.
If I was shocked yesterday. The poverty of today was overwhelming.
The Gypsy people are an interesting situation. The do not consider themselves Romanian. They have no papers etc. they are a nomad(homeless if you will) people
The families we met today live at the local dump. The gather food, clothing and supplies to live. The water they drink is combined with the sewage system. The children do not go to school. Many of the adults beg, steal and prostitute themselves to survive..

They in many ways seem to be an invisible people. They were very grateful for the food. And the children loved the beanies
After we asked if taking her picture was okay. She happily agreed So I will post her receiving her gift. From a stranger on the other side of the planet

Again amazing grateful



May 20: Oklahoma

Praying for those in Oklahoma.
My oldest friend Lori who lives there is safe. So grateful she is safe. Yet heartbroken for those who are suffering and scared right now


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May 12:Mom

I love my Mom. For so many reasons. She taught me manners, grace and tolerance towards others. Passed on to me the insatiable love of crafting and sewing. She also introduced me to my loving creator Jesus. My life was filled with the constant reminder of the love of a Heavenly Father. Who only loved me

My happiest childhood memories were the sound of my mom at her sewing machine.
My young childhood home was not a happy one. A members alcoholism was a constant state of terror and fear. Yet my mom working all the best skills , tools and love she could muster Raised me in love
Though at times we have been separated and have been on the potters wheel about what it means to love forgive and accept. I do believe she has taught me those skills. Even if they were learned through mutual heartache
Today I love and cherish my time and relationship with my mom. I owe her so much. Her talent endurance and love are great skills I try to emulate
Love you mom


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May 7: emotions

Today I have felt and watched people experience so many emotions. It’s amazing how powerful they are. Untamed they can cause major wreckage. Reminding myself my emotions do not dictate my actions
Grateful I am learning this skill


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April 30: celebrate

Grateful that I have another day of recovery. That I can share that blessing with others
Blessed indeed

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April 24: AWANA

Last night was the end of our AWANA year.  I am usually both exhausted and saddened by the end of the year. I really had an amazing group of girls this year. We spent a lot of time talking about how God works in our daily lives. How important it is to memorize scripture, so when the hard times come, we have God’s work to comfort us.I learn so much from the girls every year. It is such a strength builder to my faith

Grateful for the opportunity to share with others God’s love and Word

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March 31: Risen

As a Christian today is my holiest holiday. So today I am in awe and grace. That God loved me enough, to embody himself  in flesh. And die for me and all my mistakes.

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Me and Eliana at Bebo Norman & Jeremy Camp!

We had a blast at this concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa.
Eliana fell asleep towards the end! Landon took good pictures. He’s a big Bebo fan, too.

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